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Ripe Coffee | PayHero Customer

Ripe Coffee - Coffee Roasters

"PayHero provides total flexibility for small businesses. Change happens, but it doesn’t matter because payroll is time-efficient and easy for me to do. "

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Pik 'n Mix | PayHero Customer

Pik 'n Mix - Confectionary Retailer

"Holiday pay is always a horrible one whether you’ve done it for 3 or 30 years, but PayHero makes it so straightforward. I have complete confidence that it's correct."

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1154 & Scopa | PayHero Customer

1154 & Scopa - Hospitality

"PayHero understands how hospitality works and joins up all the dots of the payroll process into one easy-to-use, accessible package."

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Eat My Lunch | PayHero Customer

Eat My Lunch - Social Enterprise / Catering

"PayHero is easy to navigate and if changes need to be made, they can be made quickly and easily."

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Dignity | PayHero Customer

Dignity - Social Enterprise

"With PayHero, our payroll is now as easy as 3 clicks! It’s all integrated with IRD, Xero, and employee timesheets, so it’s incredibly quick and simple."

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Delivereasy | PayHero Customer

Delivereasy - Restaurant Delivery Service

"The team is always so helpful and gives me full confidence that they’re on top of all the curly elements involved in payroll."

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Brazen Clothing | PayHero Customer

Brazen Clothing - Manufacturing

"I used to stress about payroll and timesheets because there were always issues. With PayHero I don’t even think about it. It’s easy."

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The Source Bulk Foods | PayHero Customer

The Source Bulk Foods - Retail

"With 26 staff across three stores I can run pays and manage tax compliance in about 5 minutes each week without needing a payroll clerk."

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