Dignity | PayHero Customer
Dignity | PayHero Customer


Social Enterprise

Dignity was established in early 2017 as a women’s wellbeing initiative, supporting free access to sanitary items for all women through a buy one, give one model. Dignity packs, which include Organic Initiative products, are subscribed to by corporate businesses such as ANZ, Xero and Cigna. The sanitary products are then made available for the female employees of these companies. The equivalent number of boxes are then donated to schools, youth and community organisations in need.

Dignity is still a young enterprise, with 5 employees. It’s a full-time role for General Manager Anika Speedy, with many responsibilities and tasks to complete, so every minute counts. When PayHero launched in December 2018, Dignity was one of the first businesses to jump onboard.

“PayHero frees us up to focus on important business activities that will actually generate sales, revenue and make an impact.”

We asked Anika what she likes most about PayHero. “I love the speed of PayHero and how intuitive the whole system is. Other systems can be slow, difficult to use and inaccurate. Once I delved into learning how to use PayHero, I found that it wasn’t a steep learning curve – and there are so many cool time saving features that other systems don’t have like expense management and saving documents against employees.”

Anika also values the conveniences PayHero provides her. “The Payday Filing feature is so helpful because it’s completely automated so you don’t have to think about it! It lets us focus on the things that really matter. There’s no point burdening yourself with a process that PayHero can do for you.”

“We also love the simplicity of the employee mobile app. It means the team can record time and keep track of hours on the go.” The employee portal/mobile app has taken some of the administrative responsibility off Anika, and allows staff to record their own time, expenses and leave. “We’ve only heard good things from our employees and have had really positive feedback about the interface and mobile capability.”

“With PayHero, our payroll is now as easy as 3 clicks! It’s all integrated with IRD, Xero, and employee timesheets, so it’s incredibly quick and easy.”

When it comes to efficiency, Anika knows that a straightforward payroll system is the way to go. “Simple is best. It’s really easy to just go in and check that everyone had completed their timesheets and then create the draft pay, review and send. The more integrated the system the better so when you come to do your payroll everything is in one place and you simply need to check the details and submit the payment.”

As a small business, the team at Dignity need to use their limited time smartly, Anika says. “And that’s why we use PayHero. It removes so many tedious administrative tasks, which frees us up to focus on important business activities that will actually generate sales, revenue and make an impact.”

Company: Dignity
Website: dignitynz.com
Industry: Social Enterprise
Customer since: March 2018
Team size: 7
Why PayHero?
  • Automatically calculates and files PAYE information each pay period
  • Trusted service with a loyal customer base
  • Reliable support team
  • Employee Mobile App for recording time and keeping track of hours when out of office
  • 100% compliant with NZ law
  • Xero Integration

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