Payroll for Horticulture & Viticulture

Payroll and Workforce Management for Growers

Accurately pay variable hour employees
Stay compliant with automatic minimum wage top ups
Easily manage accommodation allowances & piecemeal rates
Track to-the-minute timesheets & breaks
Compliant leave calculations for variable hour employees
Integrate with orchard management software

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PayHero | NZ Payroll Software
Payroll for Horticulture
PayHero Horticulture Payroll Customers

PayHero | NZ Payroll Software
Sync timesheets from mobile directly to payroll

Stress-free payroll

Pay employees right with payroll software, built for growing businesses

Accommodation and piecemeal
It’s straightforward to set up and manage horticulture specific payroll needs in PayHero, including paying piecemeal rates and providing accommodation allowances.

Minimum wage top up
PayHero ensures that workers earning piecemeal rates, and salaried staff who work variable hours, are always paid at least the minimum wage, so you can be sure you’re compliant and your employees are paid fairly.

Integrate with Xero
Automatically send payroll data through to Xero. Keep it simple or assign wage costs to different account codes and tracking categories for a more detailed breakdown.

The only software on the market currently able to accurately calculate the leave entitlements for employees with irregular working patterns, without manual intervention, is PayHero.

Admin Army | Irene Bennetts | PayHero Customer
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Simplify compliance

Look after your business and let PayHero take care of the tricky payroll stuff

Stay onside with the Holidays Act
Horticulture is a hotbed of potentially tricky payroll scenarios with part time and variable hour staff and regularly changing work patterns. PayHero follows the latest MBIE Holidays Act guidance to ensure your employees maintain the correct holiday entitlements, even when things change.

Cloud-based & always up-to-date
Pay your wages from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Every time payroll and labour laws change we update PayHero to keep you compliant. No downloads or time consuming updates required – just business as usual.

Automatically extend leave anniversaries for seasonal staff
Employees receive annual leave and sick leave entitlements for each year of employment, but what happens if they don’t work for you year-round? PayHero can automatically defer annual leave and sick leave entitlement dates for employees that have gaps between work assignments.

Automated payday filing
Payday filing is a piece of cake in PayHero – just connect your account to IRD and we’ll automatically send your payroll information through after every pay.

Payroll software compliance for Horticulture
Dataphyll + PayHero

Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees right

Incentivise workers by paying them based on performance
Capture accurate quantity and quality information
Meet your GAP requirements
Track timesheets, breaks and pick weights
Calculate accurate wages, send payslips and automatically file with IRD

Employee management tools

Handle timesheets your way, and keep track of key employment documents

Supervisor clock ins
If you’ve got teams of people working at different locations your supervisors can clock employees in & out of work and breaks from their phone. Only your supervisors need to use the technology, while your pickers get on with the job.

Timesheets in their pocket
Or, get your employees to submit their own timesheets against different jobs, products or locations by entering start, end and break times or using the GPS start/stop timer. They can access their old payslips too, so you don’t need to dig them out.

HR Docs
Keep track of RSE workers’ employment-related paperwork by saving key documents like contracts, permits, licences and IRD forms on the employee record.

PayHero | NZ Payroll Software
Timesheets, leave, expenses & payslips on mobile

More reasons why horticulture & viticulture choose PayHero for payroll

Timesheets, minimum wage top up & payroll in one simple online tool.

Pay your staff in minutes

Time entries, leave & expenses submitted by your employees from their mobile app show up instantly & automatically in PayHero, ready for processing payroll.

Workforce management

Add employee scheduling or contractor management from our wider suite of workforce management software to better manage your on-demand workers.

Automated public holiday calculations

PayHero determines whether a public holiday is an otherwise working day for an employee based on their recent work pattern and calculates their entitlements accordingly.

Easy leave requests

Employees can submit leave requests, check the approval status and balances and see a record of leave already taken and booked in with a simple calendar view.

Support you can rely on

Our friendly Wellington-based support team is available by phone or email to help you out whenever you need it.

Try before you buy

With a fully featured free 14 day trial, you can take PayHero for a risk-free test run before committing.

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