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Integrate PayHero with Akahu to pay your employees through a secure bank connection. Get your payroll done and dusted in minutes.

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Take care of your team with modern payroll software designed to calculate employee pay, taxes and leave with ease.

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Akahu puts you back in control of your data and makes it easier than ever to pay your employees and Inland Revenue.

Better together

Connect reliable payroll software with forward-thinking payment technology and immediately elevate your payroll efficiency at no extra cost.

How does the Akahu integration work?



Once the integration is confirmed and your Draft Pay is ready to go, use Akahu to instantly pay your employees and Inland Revenue.



Successful transactions can be found in the Payments tab, so you never need to worry about losing track of any details again.



View, update or remove your connected bank accounts at any time. Data held by Akahu can also be deleted.

Once you connect with Akahu, you won’t need to connect again. Akahu will only collect the business bank account number, and PayHero will only collect employee bank account numbers. Please note, Akahu is only available for PayHero customers on the Super and Universe plans.

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About PayHero

PayHero is perfect for Kiwi companies that want stress-free and compliant online payroll. Especially those with a part time or flexible workforce, who face unique challenges tracking employee time accurately and calculating the right holiday entitlements for their staff.

  • Accurately capture employee hours with online timesheets, employee mobile app or photo clock in and out.
  • Automatically calculate pay and holiday entitlements from online timesheets and work patterns.
  • Connect to payday filing and we’ll send your PAYE information to IRD.
  • Automatically send payroll transactions to Xero and track wage costs with account codes or tracking categories.
  • Expert phone and email support from our NZ-based team.
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About Akahu

Akahu is an open finance platform, focused on New Zealand. Akahu makes it simple to connect your accounts to trusted products like PayHero.

  • Share your data securely with the best infrastructure, security and data privacy.
  • Stay in control by choosing how your accounts are connected.
  • We do not sell or rent your data.
  • We always obtain consent before carrying out any instructions regarding your accounts.

Find out more about Akahu or manage your accounts at my.akahu.nz.

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