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PayHero continues to evolve to keep up with the times, making it a user-friendly and up-to-date software. Their support is super efficient with fast service and support guides that are easy to refer to and understand.

Accounts Dept | Pearl Falwasser | PayHero Customer
Pearl FalwasserAccounts Dept

Don't miss out on the payroll opportunity

Payroll compliance is a hot topic with widespread reporting of Holidays Act calculation issues and remediation payments. According to MBIE, New Zealand workers are owed more than $2 billion in lost holiday pay, affecting up to one third of all employees in the country.

Right now, payroll is a huge opportunity for savvy bookkeepers.

One of the most common problems is using payroll systems that accrue annual leave based on the hours or days an employee works.

Following the very latest Holidays Act guidance from MBIE, PayHero stores employee leave balances in weeks to make it easier for companies with staff who work variable hours or have changing work patterns to get their leave entitlements correct.

Payroll Compliance in PayHero
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3rd Arm Admin | Sue Inkersell | PayHero Customer

Customer Story

"Payroll issues are something we see every single day. Most business owners believe that their payroll is compliant and its not a problem, but unfortunately what we see is that a lot (maybe even most) are not. 3rd Arm Admin are proud to be a FlexiTime Partner and absolutely love their approach to payroll compliance."

3rd Arm Admin | Sue Inkersell | PayHero Customer

Sue Inkersell
3rd Arm Admin

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Pay employees right with PayHero

PayHero is perfect for Kiwi companies that want stress-free and compliant online payroll. Especially those with part time and mobile workforces, who face unique challenges tracking employee time accurately and calculating the right holiday entitlements for their staff.

Better yet, the key elements that feed into payroll are all included - employee leave management; fully automated payday filing; expense claims and reimbursements; automatic calculation of public holiday entitlements; rest and meal break management; and deep integration with Xero.

PayHero has been amazing for my manufacturing client – the time clock has helped us save money by accurately recording the hours employees actually work. The documents and notes section has proved to be very valuable as now all HR docs are stored with the payroll information. It's really simple to use and looks great.

Accountabill | Haylee Wrenn | PayHero Customer
Haylee WrennAccountabill

The payroll partner you've been looking for

Time tools for any business

PayHero streamlines the employee timesheet process with online, mobile, GPS or clock in/out options delivering accurate employee hours straight into payroll.

Put your payroll on AutoPilot

You can set your pays to run automatically. We’ll send the payroll admin or business owner an email with all the details and they can finalise the pay without having to login.

Easy payments

When you finalise a pay, transfer the funds with a Pay Now POLi payment, or use our industry standard bank batch file, leaving your clients in complete control of their finances.

Free payroll & partner benefits

Bookkeepers that partner with PayHero get a free payroll account for their business and preferential pricing for clients.

Xero Integration | PayHeroDeep Xero integration

Connect to Xero and automatically assign wage costs to different account codes or tracking categories.

Super support

Our friendly local support team knows their stuff and partners get priority support. With over ten years of NZ payroll experience, we’ll help you with any curly questions.

PayHero Product Suite

The only software on the market currently able to accurately calculate the leave entitlements for employees with irregular working patterns, without manual intervention, is PayHero.

Admin Army | Irene Bennetts | PayHero Customer
Irene BennettsAdmin Army

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