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Dataphyll + PayHero: Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees right

July 5, 2021
Dataphyll + PayHero: Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees right | Blog
Jake | PayHero Resource Author



At FlexiTime, we’re obsessed with helping companies pay employees right. There are some industries where that can be particularly challenging - none more so than horticulture. 

Now there’s an easier way to manage employees and compliance from the field to the back office. Introducing our newest PayHero integration partner - Dataphyll.

Dataphyll is a horticultural software provider delivering tools for orchardists to manage their staff and activities, in the field, in real-time.

Their Dataphyll GROW product helps incentivise workers by paying them based on their performance, while capturing accurate quantity and quality information and allowing users to easily meet their Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) requirements.


Dataphyll + PayHero

Using Dataphyll and PayHero eliminates orchard paperwork and massively simplifies compliance tasks. 

On-the-job compliance is handled in Dataphyll as supervisors clock staff in and out of shifts and breaks. Piece-rate harvesting details are automatically captured as fruit is weighed and scanned. Dataphyll takes care of paid and unpaid breaks and applies a rate top up to any pickers whose piecemeal calculations don’t meet the minimum wage requirements.

Dataphyll then passes full timesheet data (start, end and break times) and rates into PayHero. PayHero takes care of all your wage and leave calculations, payslips, accommodation allowances and payday filing.

PayHero is NZ payroll designed to make it easy to pay hourly employees right, especially in industries like horticulture where work patterns are highly variable. 

PayHero handles annual leave in weeks, in line with the Holidays Act and latest MBIE guidance. Because it has the timesheet data from Dataphyll, PayHero can calculate what a week of earnings is for each employee as they take leave, based on their timesheet history. PayHero can also automatically calculate otherwise working days and public holiday entitlements for variable hour employees. 


How does it work?

Dataphyll to PayHero Flow


Horticulture payroll made easy

Horticulture is a notoriously complex industry when it comes to payroll and compliance. A heady combination of seasonal work, highly variable work patterns and a mixture of permanent, part time, casual and contract workers can lead to all sorts of tricky scenarios. 

Growers have enough on their plates, without having to spend hours each month dealing with paper timesheets, manual calculations and head scratching scenarios.

If you want to improve your orchard efficiency, reporting and compliance, check out the Dataphyll + PayHero integration. The integration is free for all PayHero customers, so just start a PayHero trial and contact Dataphyll to arrange a demo of their software.

Jake | PayHero Resource Author



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