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Delivereasy | PayHero Customer


Restaurant Delivery Service

Delivereasy is a restaurant delivery platform operating in 19 cities across New Zealand with offices in Auckland, Wellington & Dunedin. Delivereasy has thrived in a heavily competitive market and isn't stopping any time soon. They plan to have a presence nationwide and expand into other types of deliveries. They have over 100 full time and casual employees, including some that work variable hours each week.

For Nick Foster and Tim Robinson, the most important thing about PayHero is that they hardly have to think about it. “We’re both flat out every day with a hundred things going on, so it’s a relief knowing that our payroll is sorted, and not having to deal with any dramas on that front,” says Nick.

Not only that, but they now have a proper process for managing employee timesheets and keeping records of the hours worked by each employee each week. “Our part timers and casuals all use the PayHero app to chuck in their hours, and our full timers use it to record overtime,” explains Tim. “It’s really easy for them and saves us a heap of time. We used to use paper timesheets and were always having to chase people up on payday where they’d forgotten to write down their hours.”

“Our part timers and casuals all use the PayHero app to chuck in their hours, and our full timers use it to record overtime”

Having a record in PayHero of the number of hours employees have worked each day makes it nice and easy when it comes to managing leave and public holiday entitlements. “Having those calculations all automatically handled by PayHero, especially for our employees that work variable hours, saves me from having to cook my brain trying to figure it all out,” laughs Tim.

During a period of fast growth, Delivereasy’s previous payroll system quickly became a nightmare to manage . “At the start we only had a couple of full time staff, which was alright. But as our team grew it became tricky to keep track of timesheets and employee leave, and we quickly realised we needed to find a better system.”

So they looked around and did some research, found PayHero, and made the switch. Tim set everything up himself and loved how easy it was. “I’m alright with computers, but definitely not a payroll specialist. It was nice and straightforward to get started and we were up and running the same day.”

For a couple of guys that don’t know all the ins and outs of NZ’s complex payroll and holidays legislation, the support provided by the PayHero team is crucial. “The level of support you guys provide is epic,” says Tim. “It’s great being able to get an expert on the phone or by email whenever I have a situation that’s over my head. The team is always so helpful and gives me full confidence that they’re on top of all the curly elements involved in payroll.”

“The level of support you guys provide is epic”

Tim also values the fact that the PayHero team is based in Wellington, close to their main office. “We’re always keen to support local and I love that PayHero is Kiwi owned and operated.”

When it comes to accurately paying staff Nick & Tim know it's tough to get it right every time, especially when you throw leave in the equation. Having an easy to use, accurate & compliant payroll system makes everything simple. Automated payday filing, online timesheets and easy leave requests and approvals save them time every week. “When you’re busy as you just want a system you can trust. PayHero ticks all the boxes and lets us get on with running our business.”

Company: Delivereasy
Industry: Restaurant Delivery Service
Customer since: December 2019
Team size: 40+
Why PayHero?
  • Friendly & knowledgeable local support
  • Employees can submit their own timesheets
  • Smooth Inland Revenue integration for payday filing
  • Accurate leave calculations
  • Super easy to get set up
Delivereasy | PayHero Customer

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