1154 & Scopa | PayHero Customer
1154 & Scopa | PayHero Customer

1154 & Scopa


NZ payroll fit for the coolest kids in town; 1154 & Scopa trust PayHero to run their successful hospitality business

Running two popular eateries in Wellington is no easy task. Kieran Wallace, co-owner of 1154 and Scopa, found PayHero to be the perfect solution to their paper problems. The payroll system has radically improved communication, time-tracking and leave processes for the entire team.

On any given night, the corners of Cuba and Ghuznee Street in central Wellington come alive thanks to 1154 Pastaria & Scopa Pizzeria. 1154 produces fast and fresh pasta dishes in a shared dining concept, while Scopa is a more classic dining experience featuring hand-pushed pizzas and a very famous hot chocolate. 

Finding the right payroll company 

The delicious food and warm atmosphere have landed these two eateries into many Wellingtonians 'go-to' list. As the co-owner of 1154 & Scopa, Kieran Wallace is responsible for finding business management solutions to help make the magic happen. PayHero was chosen as their payroll solution, helping to support a growing team of 42 employees across two venues. 

A modern payroll solution for old problems 

Before adopting PayHero, payroll was a laborious task for 1154 & Scopa, with “paper all over the place.” Accurate information, such as employee leave and hours, was not reaching the accounts team so mistakes were all too common. Fast forward to today, Kieran says using cloud-based payroll software that integrates with their rostering system has simplified the process from start to finish and “removed the headaches.” 

“We can isolate any payroll mistakes without trawling through a big load of paper on a Monday morning.”

Simplifying leave for a complex team 

Hospitality is an exciting industry that never turns off. The fast-paced nature means managing leave for a range of employees is constant. Understandably, this can be a major time sink for businesses like 1154 & Scopa when they don’t have an efficient payroll system. Kieran chatted about how PayHero has soothed this pain, as employees can apply for annual leave through their employee portal and the management team is notified in real-time. 

“The level of leave transparency is a real benefit for us in the hospitality industry, as we can’t have too many people away at the same time.”

A payroll experience employees love

PayHero’s employee portal has given each team member a “sense of ownership and a better understanding of payroll,” says Kieran. This level of engagement plays a key role in retaining employees during a labour shortage. Each individual can be confident that their hours are correct and their leave calculations are compliant. Employees can also access this information, along with payslips and leave balances, at any time. 

“We can train staff very quickly as the interface is really simple and user-friendly.”

Save business costs and connect the dots

Kieran stressed the fact that anyone in the world of paper-based payroll needs to get out of the dark ages. PayHero is designed for teams like 1154 & Scopa who are “modern and in the real world,” says Kieran. From clocking in, processing leave and payday filing, PayHero can keep up with the tech-savvy crew by connecting all the dots. Management can also use “flexible and clear reporting” to find where costs can be saved.

Sync with rostering to run like clockwork 

1154 & Scopa integrate their PayHero account with Droppah rostering. Kieran said this is a “crucial link” as the accounts team no longer have to chase the rostering managers who then chase employees to confirm hours. Rostering data flows through to payroll and staff availability flows back into rostering. The whole process can run like clockwork in the background. This is especially beneficial for a multi-site business, as Kieran’s employees may work at the other eatery, but can still be confident their pay will be processed appropriately.

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Company: 1154 & Scopa
Website: 1154.co.nz
Industry: Hospitality
Customer since: 2016
Team size: 42
Why PayHero?
  • Total transparency for the entire team
  • Paper-free and cloud-based
  • Simplified leave processing
  • Integration with rostering
1154 & Scopa | PayHero Customer

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