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PayHero Product Update | Q2 2020

July 14, 2020
PayHero Product Update | Q2 2020 | News
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Check out a summary of this quarter’s product release highlights. You can find full details of our releases in our help centre. Just ‘Follow’ our release notes to receive an email notification whenever we update PayHero. If you have questions about using any of these features in your payroll account, please email


Recently released:



Payroll AutoPilot® (full release)

Payroll AutoPilot Messages | PayHero

Payroll AutoPilot® makes it easier than ever to process each pay run. AutoPilot will run your pays, send payslips to employees and submit your payday filing details to Inland Revenue. 

Payroll AutoPilot® will send you an email when it's time to pay your team. All you need to do is review the details and send the pay, which you can do from any device without logging in.

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Timesheet Imports

Timesheet Import | PayHero

You can now load timesheets from other systems straight into PayHero for an upcoming pay run. Wherever possible for employees paid by the hour we recommend getting timesheet data into PayHero - it helps PayHero calculate the correct leave rates and avoids potential errors with data entry or manual calculations.

The file for imported time entries needs to be uploaded in a .csv format. You can see the required formatting and download a template from our help centre

You can also use the import file to load non-time based units into PayHero if you pay your staff piecemeal rates.

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Pay Now (beta release)

Pay Now Process | PayHero

Pay Now is a fast and convenient way to make payments to employees and Inland Revenue via POLi as soon as you complete your payroll.

With Pay Now, you transfer the total balance for the pay run to the FlexiTime trust account. Once we receive the funds we make the payments to individual employees and Inland Revenue. Employees receive payments made via Pay Now on the same day.

Email to request access to Pay Now. This feature will be made available in your settings in a full release in Q3 2020. Note there is a $5 transaction fee for each Pay Now payment.

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Quarter days of leave

Leave requests are now able to be entered into PayHero for a quarter of a day or three quarters of a day in addition to the already available full and half day requests.

Jake | PayHero Resource Author



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