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July 21, 2020
Pay Now | New Feature | News
Jake | PayHero Resource Author



We’ve just introduced a fast, convenient way to pay employees when you run a pay in PayHero. With Pay Now you can make payments via POLi as soon as you complete your payroll.


Secure and convenient payments

Pay Now Process | PayHero

Using POLi means you can pay your employees and IRD from inside PayHero using the security and convenience of online banking.

With Pay Now, you transfer the total balance for the pay run to the FlexiTime trust account. The payment is protected by your bank’s authentication process and POLi’s security measures.

Once we receive the funds we make the payments to individual employees and Inland Revenue. Employees receive payments made via Pay Now on the same day.


How does it work?

Pay Now How Does It Work? | PayHero

Pay Now is an optional feature and, as well as the payments to employees, you can choose whether to include the PAYE payments to IRD.

When Pay Now is turned on, you'll be prompted to make the POLi payment as you’re completing the pay. 

POLi will pop up inside PayHero and you’ll login to your online banking, select the account you want to use and confirm the payment. The payment is made to the FlexiTime trust account and we pass the money on to your employees (and IRD if you’ve selected that option). 

As long as you complete your Pay Now payment by 7pm your employees will be paid at around 10pm - 11pm that night. The payment should appear in their bank account shortly afterwards, though the exact timing will depend on which bank they’re with.

Pay Now is available to customers of ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, Westpac, The Cooperative Bank and TSB.

There’s a $5 transaction fee for each Pay Now payment, which covers the POLi transaction and bank fees. Pay Now is only available for transactions up to $30,000.


Full service payroll

Payroll AutoPilot® & Pay Now | PayHero

Combine Pay Now with Payroll AutoPilot® for a payroll bureau experience, without the hefty price tag. Payroll AutoPilot® will run your pays, send payslips to employees and submit your payday filing details to Inland Revenue. 

Once the pay has been completed, make your payments via Pay Now for a super easy end-to-end payroll experience. You can manage your payroll from any device no matter where you are.


The freedom to pay employees your way

Pay Now is a great option for companies that want the convenience of same day employee payments, without having a payroll company withdraw money directly from their account. You retain complete control of when you make payments and which accounts you use.

Better yet, you don’t need a payroll letter of credit, which can cost hundreds of dollars a year and restrict your access to other borrowing or credit.


The easiest way to pay your staff

When you’ve got a lot on your plate, the process of paying your staff is just another administrative task that we’re making as easy as possible. 

Pay Now is currently available on request. Just email to get it enabled on your account.

Jake | PayHero Resource Author



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