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Payroll AutoPilot® | New Feature

April 24, 2020
Payroll AutoPilot® | New Feature | News
Jake | PayHero Resource Author



When you’re running a business or a busy payroll department you need to prioritise your time effectively and delegate what you can. Payroll AutoPilot® allows you to process your payroll automatically without logging into PayHero


Ever wished you had an assistant who could help with your payroll

Well now you do! 

Introducing Payroll AutoPilot | PayHero

Payroll AutoPilot® makes it easier than ever to process each pay run. AutoPilot will process your pays, send payslips to employees and submit your payday filing details to Inland Revenue. 


Switch on Payroll AutoPilot® and fly through pay day

Payroll AutoPilot® will automatically send you an email when it's time to pay your team. All you need to do is review the details and send the pay, which you can do from any device without logging in.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Payroll AutoPilot® emails you on the morning of payday to remind you if there are any leave or expense requests that need attention.

  2. Payroll AutoPilot® then runs the draft pay for you and emails you a pay summary.

  3. You approve the pay summary by email and Payroll AutoPilot® sends the payslips off and files your payday filing return.

Payroll AutoPilot Messages | PayHero


You’re still in control

It’s important to note that while Payroll AutoPilot® will do the heavy lifting for you, it won’t run any pays without your approval. 

If there are any actions required that prevent the draft pay from being created, your AutoPilot email will alert you to this. And if you want to take over the pay run at any stage you can just sign in to PayHero and process the pay as you usually would.

You can even choose whether to activate AutoPilot for running your pays or emailing your monthly tax summary, or both.

Payroll AutoPilot | PayHero


Eliminate the time it takes to pay your employees

Whether you’re juggling the many facets of running a business or managing a busy finance department, it should be easy to pay your team with a minimum of effort. That’s why Payroll AutoPilot is free for all PayHero users. If you haven’t given PayHero a try, start your 14-day trial to take Payroll AutoPilot — and the rest of our platform — for a test flight.

Jake | PayHero Resource Author



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