What's required on a payslip in NZ?

Payslip (definition)

A payslip is a paper or electronic record showing an employee's pay rate, the hours they worked and how much they got paid. It can also include their holiday and leave information.

Providing a payslip is not a legal requirement for employers in New Zealand, however, employees are entitled to information related to their work so most employers send one out on payday.

Here are the payslip requirements in New Zealand:

  • Employee’s name

  • IRD number

  • Annual salary / hourly rate

  • Pay date and pay period

  • Salary and wages received for the pay period

  • Tax code and details of any other deductions made (PAYE, student loan, KiwiSaver, child care deductions etc)

  • Leave balances

It’s possible to customize payslip templates in PayHero, then send them automatically to employees without leaving your payroll system.

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