What is an alternative day (day in lieu)?

Alternative Day (Day In Lieu) (definition)

An alternative day, also known as a day in lieu, is accrued when an employee works on a public holiday that occurs on a day that employee would usually work. Although depending on the employee agreement, alternative days can be accrued on other types of work too.

Alternative days constitute a full day off for an employee, even if they worked less than their regular hours or they did not get a proper day off because they were on call. 

Employees need to redeem their day in lieu on a day they would usually work. If the employer agrees, the employee can take an Extra Day’s pay instead if they have not redeemed their day in lieu within 12 months. 

Alternatively, the employer can choose when the employee takes their Alternative Day if they inform the employee at least 14 days in advance.

In payroll, select 'Alternative Day' as the leave request type to ensure it is processed correctly.

Select Alternative Leave

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