Who is a casual employee?

Casual Employee (definition)

The term ‘casual’ isn’t necessarily straightforward, but if an employee has no guaranteed hours, no regular work patterns and no ongoing expectation of employment, then they are typically deemed as casual. 

Casual employees are still entitled to four weeks of annual leave each year, however, due to their working circumstance they may be able to receive Holiday Pay As You Go instead. Casual employees on PAYG Holiday Pay are also entitled to:

  • Sick, bereavement and domestic violence leave - if they have worked for the employer for at least 6 months, at an average of at least 10 hours per week and at least one hour per week or 40 hours a month

  • Public holidays - if it’s an otherwise working day for them

  • Employer contributions to Kiwisaver 

  • A fair termination process 

Managing payroll for casual employees is far simpler with a system that is automated, compliant and agile. PayHero will use timesheet and work pattern information to determine the correct entitlements for casual employees.

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