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Manage all types of employee leave quickly and accurately and pay the right amount every time. Managing leave is now easier than ever, for everyone.

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All the details

Easy access to all the info you and your employees need to request and approve leave.

Get it done online

Managing employee leave in PayHero ensures you’re compliant and leave is automatically included in your payroll.

Don’t miss a thing

A calendar view of employee leave and Dashboard reminders of upcoming time off means you’ll always know where everyone is.

The nightmare of public holiday calculations is not my problem anymore.

The Gelato Lab | Pippa Scott | PayHero Customer
Pippa ScottThe Gelato Lab

Employee Leave Requests | PayHero

Online leave requests

Employees can log in and request leave online, including part-days. We’ll give them as much info as possible about their balances so they know exactly where they stand. The leave approver sees the same balances, and a list of any other staff taking leave at the same time.

See employee leave like never before

Keep across the details of your team’s time off with our beautiful online leave calendar. Never get caught out again – record, respond to and manage leave requests all from one place so you always know who’s away when.

Request & Respond To Leave Requests With Ease | PayHero

My payroll takes me 10-15 minutes a week, and I’m able to answer all the questions from my team about their entitlements.

The Butcher’s Son | Chris Kinnell | PayHero Customer
Chris KinnellThe Butcher’s Son
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Everyone’s in the loop

See new leave requests and upcoming approved leave on the PayHero dashboard. Once leave has been approved or declined, the employee will receive an email to let them know and they can see the status of each request when logged in.

Straight to your payroll

When you run a pay, all approved employee leave for the period will be included. Leave entitlements are automatically calculated based on the employee setup or timesheet history.

Leave, Time & Expenses All Sync with Payroll | PayHero

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