The Step-by-Step Guide to Switching
Your Payroll System

Is it time to switch your payroll software?

Our step-by-step guide to switching payroll software gives a comprehensive overview of what information you need and the steps to follow ahead of time. We also bust some common myths about changing payroll software to help put you at ease.

It’s okay to feel a little nervous about making changes to such a crucial piece of business software. But rather than stick with an old system that isn’t up to scratch, the key is to get prepared to minimise any disruption for you and your employees.

Download our guide and get your new payroll system up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. You'll reap the rewards of improved business efficiency and save you and your team many hours in the future.

What steps does the switching payroll guide cover?

  1. How to choose a new provider
  2. Gathering the right data from your old system
  3. How to transfer the data to your new system
  4. How to run a parallel pay to ensure everything is correct
  5. Getting set up with integrations

We also cover common FAQs and myths about switching payroll providers.

Guide to Switching Payroll Systems