The Step-by-Step Guide to Switching
Your Payroll System

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Guide to Switching Payroll Systems

Is it time to switch your payroll software?

Are you looking to change your payroll provider, but not sure where to begin?

Our step-by-step guide to switching payroll software walks you through everything to ensure the changeover process goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s natural to feel a little nervous about making changes to such a crucial piece of business software. But that's not a good reason to stick with an old system you know isn’t up to scratch.

More often than not, payroll managers find upgrading their system wasn’t nearly as difficult as they had anticipated - the key to a smooth transition is getting prepared.

If you know what information you need and the steps to follow ahead of time, you’ll minimise disruption for your employees, and get your new payroll system up and running as quickly as possible.

What's does the guide cover?

  • Employee data

    • What kind of employee information do you need to get your new system set up?
    • How can you find this information in your current system and load it into your new system?
  • Employee leave & pay history

    • How can you transfer existing leave balances?
    • How can you convert leave balances from a system which stores them in hours or days, instead of the weekly units necessary to ensure Holiday Act compliance?
  • Timing & testing the new payroll system

    • When is the best time to switch systems?
    • How can you properly test a new system?
    • Can you run a ‘parallel pay’ before committing to the change?

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