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Join the PayHero community and learn the key steps to getting started and how to set up your PayHero account.

Upcoming Webinars

11:00am, Jun 30, 23

Advanced PayHero Account Setup

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Hosted by:

Alex | PayHero Resource Author


Lizzie | PayHero Resource Author


Getting Started with PayHero

The team at PayHero is on a mission to be the most compliant and easy to use payroll software in New Zealand. Register for a training webinar hosted by a member of our Customer Success team & learn how to use PayHero efficiently.

In this introductory series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up your PayHero account, so you can start paying your employees right.

Basic PayHero Account Set Up

Everything you need to run your first pay - Employees, Pay Cycles, Apps & Integrations

We’ll show you how to:

  • Manage your notifications

  • Add Employees

  • Create Pay Cycles

  • Manage the Employee Portal and Mobile App

  • Integrate with IRD & Xero

  • Process a Pay

Upcoming Webinars

    Advanced PayHero Account Set Up

    Get your payroll humming with Pay Items, Work, Teams & Tracking Categories

    We’ll show you how to:

    • Create different types of pay items and what they each mean

    • Set up Work and how to assign to pay items to your work categories

    • Add Teams and assign managers

    • Integrate with Xero and assign tracking categories to your Teams and Work

    Upcoming Webinars

      About PayHero

      PayHero is perfect for Kiwi companies that want stress free and compliant online payroll. Especially those with part time and mobile workforces, who face unique challenges tracking employee time accurately and calculating the right holiday entitlements for their staff.

      PayHero streamlines the employee timesheet process with online, mobile, GPS or clock in/out options, delivering accurate employee hours straight into payroll.

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      Check out our PayHero tutorial videos to get started now!

      A Getting Started | PayHero Video Guide
      Adding new employees | PayHero Video Guide
      Connecting with Inland Revenue | PayHero Video Guide

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