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Workflows: Streamline Employee Onboarding & Communication | New Feature

January 24, 2024
Workflows: Streamline Employee Onboarding & Communication | New Feature | Blog
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



There's a lot of paperwork and process involved when you employ staff. PayHero’s newest feature - Workflows - lightens the load by allowing you to create customisable HR-related tasks to be completed by employees and submitted for your approval. Invite your team into self-setup onboarding and roll out company-wide updates, with data and files automatically stored on the employee record.


Build an onboarding flow to meet your needs

Creating an onboarding series is a prime way to take advantage of this feature. Give new hires a great first experience with customisable paperless onboarding. Gather key employee information, like IRD and bank account numbers, and get them to complete IR330 and KS2 forms online. Share company videos or welcome messages and get them to e-sign policies or upload documents. 

Collect and store employee details and docs in one secure place, and ensure your new recruits are engaged and ready to go from day one.


Communication doesn’t stop with onboarding

Workflows can also be used to communicate and interact with existing employees. Have you been trying to find a simpler channel for the quarterly employee survey? Or request a sign-off on the updated Health and Wellbeing policy? Create a new Workflow and ensure employees complete the required task before moving into the portal to record time or view their leave balance. You can also choose to add a Workflow to an individual employee, or everyone all at once. 

Employee data at your fingertips

Every piece of data you capture in Workflows can be accessed in Insights reporting. Compare employee answers to questions, or review when Admins have made any changes to the workflow. If you set up a survey, for example, you can collect and analyse the data to help form business decisions. 

Workflows is available to Payhero users on the Universe Plan. To get started, check out this support article.

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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