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MyHR + PayHero: Manage employees and compliance, without the double handling

September 21, 2021
MyHR + PayHero: Manage employees and compliance, without the double handling | Blog
Jake | PayHero Resource Author



At PayHero, we believe that work should be great for everyone. But in today’s workplaces business owners, people managers and employees have to deal with too much admin, compliance and paperwork - which is a waste of everyone’s time. 

We know there’s a better way. We’re obsessed with simplifying employment and helping businesses work better. 

That’s why we’re delighted to introduce our newest PayHero integration partner - MyHR.

MyHR is top notch HR software, backed by expert HR support. It’s like having a virtual HR department with all your people systems and documentation covered, and on-call help when you need it.


MyHR + PayHero - complete people and payroll management

Using MyHR and PayHero is a fast track to streamlining your people and payroll processes. It improves the employee experience, reduces duplicate effort and errors, and importantly, saves your business money.

With the integration, employee data only has to be entered once, creating a complete record of employment documents and personal information that populates across both systems. All employees then have a centralised, self-service MyHR account where they can access their details, view their current, correct leave balances, apply for leave and have it approved, and then have all the relevant leave data sent through to PayHero for seamless payroll processing.

Removing any double-handling of data saves time and greatly reduces the chances for errors to enter the system. It’s also great when you make a new hire; once the person signs the employment agreement, their employee record is created and available inside MyHR and PayHero. Likewise if you're already a PayHero customer, all employee records flow through to MyHR, making account set up a breeze.

There are considerable advantages for management, too. MyHR pulls live data from PayHero so managers and employees are always seeing accurate, up-to-date leave balances and calendars. As the software systems are fully integrated and cloud-based, they can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Once the employee applies for leave, their manager gets a prompt to either approve the request or contact the person. When leave is taken, the data automatically syncs with PayHero and the system applies the correct amount to the employee's leave records and wage payments. In MyHR’s calendar, managers can also easily see who’s away when.

With the integration, all leave balances and calculations are driven from the rules engine in PayHero. We’ve put a lot of effort into making payroll compliance as easy as possible and making the calculations transparent, especially for companies with a flexible workforce and changing work patterns. Read more about our approach to Holidays Act compliance.

Integrated HR and payroll

Payroll and leave management are closely connected with HR, so it makes practical sense to combine your people processes. Regardless of how you manage people operations in your business, you’re going to want to make sure your payroll software and HR systems are talking to each other. 

If you need any assistance, the combined expertise and experience of the MyHR and PayHero teams means there’s no employment or payroll issues we can’t resolve.

If you want an easier way to hire, pay and manage employees and get ahead of compliance requirements, check out the MyHR + PayHero integration. The integration is available on all of our pricing plans, so start a free PayHero trial and a free MyHR trial to simplify your HR and payroll processes.

Jake | PayHero Resource Author



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