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Akahu + PayHero: A Fast and Secure Way to Pay Your Employees | New Feature

July 17, 2022
Akahu + PayHero: A Fast and Secure Way to Pay Your Employees | New Feature | Blog
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



Once you’re ready to send a pay in payroll, a seamless payment process is the cherry on top. So we’re very excited to welcome Akahu as PayHero’s newest Pay Now option. Akahu’s mission is to make data sharing secure and easy. Through Akahu, you can elevate your payroll efficiency by connecting your bank with PayHero


Connect to your bank and never think about it again

Akahu is an optional Pay Now feature. After choosing to connect your account with Akahu, you can make payments to your employees and Inland Revenue without leaving PayHero. There’s no need to manually keep track of the transactions you’ve made through Akahu as all your transactions can be found in the Payments tab. Plus, there are no hoops to jump through if you need to cancel or change any details with Akahu. This is all a part of the seamless payment process facilitated by Akahu through PayHero.


How does it work? 

Akahu is an option feature and, as well as the payments to employees, you can choose whether to include the PAYE payments to IRD.

When Akahu is turned on, you’ll be prompted to make the payment in the app after pressing ‘Send Pay’. Follow the prompts to authenticate the transaction and select your bank account. Review the details and press send pay to complete the process. Your employees will be paid shortly afterwards, though the exact timing will depend on which bank they’re with. 

Akahu is currently available to ANZ, ASB, Kiwibank, Westpac, The Cooperative Bank and TSB customers. 


Take paying your employees from good to grand 

Adding Akahu to your payroll experience is a no-brainer. However, if you prefer to pay with POLi or through bank batch payments, this is still available. And if you need support, the Akahu and PayHero teams are ready to help solve any problems you might be facing. Akahu is available free of charge for PayHero customers on the Super and Universe plans, with a transaction limit of $50,000. 


Integrate PayHero with Akahu in a flash

Read more about the power of Akahu, and learn how to get set up in minutes. Or, if you’re new here and curious about how PayHero can help your business, sign up for a free trial.

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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