PayHero + Invoxy Integration

Deeply integrated
payroll and invoicing

Connect PayHero and Invoxy to accurately bill your clients and pay your candidates from the moment you make a placement.

PayHero | NZ Payroll Software
Invoxy Billing | PayHero Integration

Streamlined billing and payment processing

Single sign-on two-way payroll integration for New Zealand recruitment agencies.

Accurate, fast payroll

Generate 100% compliant NZ payroll for temps, contractors and your own staff. Give your candidates access to add time & expenses, request leave and view payslips and BCI’s.

Buyer created invoices

Contractors can download their own buyer created invoices from Invoxy, greatly simplifying their payment process.

Powerful reporting

Make decisions based on the metrics and KPIs that drive your business. Invoxy’s advanced business intelligence platform delivers Net Direct Revenue and other custom reports.

Invoxy Integration | PayHero

Your complete back office

Everything you need to accurately invoice your clients and pay your candidates from the moment you make a placement.

Single sign on access

Administrators can easily access and switch between systems without having to sign in again.

Integrated leave management

Temps and other non-contractors can view leave balances and request leave from inside Invoxy.

Take your compliance seriously

PayHero stores annual leave in weeks and reviews recent work patterns to ensure you’re fully compliant with the New Zealand Holidays Act.

How the integration works

Payroll in Invoxy just got a whole lot easier for New Zealand recruitment agencies.

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PayHero | Online Payroll Made Super Easy

About PayHero

PayHero is perfect for Kiwi recruitment companies that want stress-free and compliant online payroll. This payroll software is designed for flexible workforces facing unique challenges including tracking employee time and calculating the right holiday entitlements.

  • Automatically calculate pay and holiday entitlements from online timesheets and work patterns.
  • Connect to payday filing and we’ll send your PAYE information to IRD.
  • All leave is handled in line with the Holidays Act and latest government guidance
  • Automatically send payroll transactions to Xero and track wage costs with account codes or tracking categories.
  • Expert phone and email support from our NZ-based team.
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About Invoxy

Invoxy is New Zealand’s favourite middle and back-office software for recruitment agencies. Improve the client and candidate experience with professional, easy to use software that showcases your brand.

  • Get client approval of timesheets online and attach the details to your invoices for faster payment
  • Bulk messaging simplifies and speeds up the process of chasing up timesheets and client approvals
  • Load placement data automatically with our Bullhorn and JobAdder integrations
  • Automatically calculate complex commissions and track sales performance
  • Get candidates to enter information and complete onboarding tasks when they start a new role

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Invoxy Integration | PayHero

Connect PayHero & Invoxy today

Accurately bill your clients and pay your candidates from the moment you make a placement.

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